Gotherington Singers tour to the Harz mountains, Germany

Gotherington Singers outside Quedlinburg Blasiikirche August 2013
View from the Brocken August 2013
Steam train up the Brocken August 2013
Thursday, 1 August 2013 - Monday, 5 August 2013

The sun shone from a cloudless blue sky for four days, the temperature stayed in the high thirties, and our tour was as successful as the weather. We stayed in the town of Halberstadt, in Saxony- Anhalt, a rural area of pretty villages, half-timbered houses, and vast fields of ripened grain. The towns are full of culture and history from the middle ages to more recent times.

On our first day went on the steam train up the Brocken mountain, with beautiful views in all directions. Day 2 saw us in Quedlinburg, one of the best-preserved Mediaeval and Renaissance towns in Europe, whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a guided tour of this beautiful town, we gave our first concert, in the Quedlinburger Blasiikirche, to a highly appreciative audience. On Sunday we participated in the morning service in the cathedral in Halberstadt, which was a wonderful experience. Afterwards we went on to Kloster Huysburg to give our second concert. Kloster Huysburg  is a beautiful and peaceful  Benedictine monastery, and we were delighted to sing in the church to another highly appreciative audience. We were welcomed with great friendliness by one of the Brothers, and given a guided tour afterwards, finishing up with tea and cake.

Everywhere we sang we were welcomed with great warmth and appreciation. We all had a wonderful time, and wished we could have stayed longer! 

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