Elba April 2007

On Easter Monday 2007, the choir departed for its second visit to Italy, this time to the island of Elba. After settling in, we prepared to sing in the local concert hall in Marcianna Marina on the second day, but our attempts to have a rehearsal in the afternoon were thwarted because our grand piano, which was being shipped over from the mainland hadn't arrived! Luckily, it arrived in time for the concert and our audience was treated to a wide variety of music from folk songs, to secular music and songs from the shows. Our second concert was in the little hilltop town of Capoliveri where we had been invited to sing with the local choir. The Church was packed and we all thoroughly enjoyed listening to each other. Afterward our hosts had put on a supper for us in the little town square and it was lovely to relax and chat over a glass of wine and a slice of pizza. Our final concert was in a deconsecrated church, in a small village, by the name of Marciana Alto and again we had a lovely evening. Everywhere we went we found the people to be really warm and friendly. The whole tour was most enjoyable and there was plenty of time for relaxing and having fun as well as singing. We returned home with very happy memories.

Outside our hotel
Sunrise as we leave the island
On our way
Beautiful island
View from the mountain
Lunch up the mountain
Mountain village of Capoliveri